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Hello, We're Courtney + Jason!

We are high school sweethearts that met in elementary school. After five-ish years of dating + adventures, we finally got married in early October 2020 mid-pandemic. Since then, we have moved four times, + currently live in St. George, Utah with our adorable English Bulldog, Winnie. 


So, why us? It's a valid question!


The short answer? WE. CARE.

The long answer? Unfortunately, we understand what it's like to be just another business transaction. Just another checkmark, paycheck, or number in someone's book. The second we started our business, we made sure that our clients would never feel the way we did. The reason we are priced the way we are, and the reason we only take a few weddings each year, is so that we can give our clients the best experience imaginable.

From the second we have our first FaceTime call, we want you to feel the passion we have for what we do! We know your names, we WANT to know about your brother's dog's birthday party, we want you to feel important. Because you are.


So, what's stopping you?

We can’t wait to be your adventure elopement, wedding photographer and videographer. 

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